BHVR Masterclass

30-minute video tutorials designed to teach brand teams how to use decision heuristics science in mesasging. Every masterclass features two heuristics and you learn through real-world examples explained by master heuristicians.

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7 AUG, 2019

Ever wondered why people tend to harshly judge the behaviors and actions of others, but often let themselves off the hook for similar scenarios and situations? This Master Class will demystify the ‘Actor observer bias’ and why we attribute the behaviors of others to individual traits and our behaviors to external causes. Learn about the disease states in which this bias plays a big part and how brands fight this heuristic for effective messaging. You will also learn about the heuristic of ‘Disappointment Aversion’, or how if we think that we might be disappointed by the results of our actions, we may decide not to act at all. See examples of how this heuristic works in HCV and Endometriosis

12 JUN, 2019

This Master Class will introduce you to ‘Salience Effect’, or our tendency to pay more attention to things that occur with higher frequency in our lives, even if they are not very important. You will get to see how in the Pharma industry, Salience Effect in the heartburn category is driving suboptimal treatment of heartburn as a chronic condition. Also learn about ‘Incremental Decision making’, which explains why humans are more comfortable making a series of incremental decisions rather than one big decision. Gain awareness of how the weight loss category has routinely used this heurist ic effectively in their messaging.

15 MAY, 2019

This Master Class explains the heuristic of ‘Choice Overload’, or how when people have too many choices, they get overwhelmed and often end up choosing nothing at all! See how this heuristic may be helping or hurting your brand and whether it is best to feed or fight the Choice Overload Effect depending on your product. Also learn about ‘Reciprocity effect’, which essentially means that if you do something nice for someone, they may reciprocate with something nicer. Explore the opportunities to leverage this heuristic.

10 APR, 2019

In this webinar learn about ‘Numerosity Effect’ or the human predisposition to believe that when it comes to numbers, bigger is better, even at the cost of ignoring the implications of the big numbers. See how Pharma, Health and other industries have exploited this heuristic to catch their audience’s attention. Also see how because of our tendency for ‘Ambiguity Aversion’ we avoid choices with unknowns even if they can be good for us.

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