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30-60 minute webinars featuring thought leadership content presented at leading industry conferences and events. Topics usually focus on applications of decision heuristics science to messaging, insights, segmentation, and more.

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April 7, 2021
In this Intellus-sponsored webinar, Gaurav Kapoor (President, NEWRISTICS) shared how an innovative approach to message testing that combines the power of behavioral science and artificial intelligence can improve the effectiveness of messaging for drug launches. Watch this data-backed webinar to explore more.
Sept 30, 2021
In this Intellus sponsored webinar, Gaurav Kapoor (President, NEWRISTICS) analyzes the reasons for the gaping chasm between segmentation and segmentation-based messaging in the pharma ecosystem and then delves into a fascinating cognitive tool – Decision Heuristic Science that bridges this gap. Learn how customer segments can be successfully activated to deliver personalized messaging that can turbocharge the communications of pharmaceutical brands.
22 May 2020
The pandemic revealed how institutions and consumers made decisions — often the wrong ones — in response to fast-paced and changing information. We can analyze specific choices by politicians, media and consumers based on a study of heuristics, which is the way people make “gut decisions” when they have limited time to choose a path. This video describes 19 heuristics that led to irrational decision making by various stakeholders during the pandemic and how understanding them can lead us to be better decision makers.
16 April, 2020
Pharma is increasingly relying on non-personal promotion strategies to market to HCPs and even though non-personal promotions are quite efficient already, the problem is that because of the limited exposure to the customer, they are never nearly as effective as personal promotions.
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