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The most advanced message testing methodology available in the market research industry.

Choose Message Optimizer

Say goodbye to MaxDiff/TURF.
Say hello to CMO!

CMO uses a combination of Behavioral Science & Artificial Intelligence for message testing in a completely new way.

CMO delivers everything you've been wanting from message testing for 20 years!


Test everything you have

CMO tests 100s of messages without a relatively large sample size.


Not just test, also improve

CMO finds ways to improve your messages and tests multiple versions of each message in research.


Get better separation in message scores

CMO provides greater differentiation between good, better, best messages so you can make confident messaging decisions.


Go straight from research to execution

CMO provides the optimal message map for each channel and customer segment, ready for execution.

For new product launches and major message refresh projects, CMO solves all your messaging needs in one research study.

  • 01.

    Best Messages

    When you have a lot of good messages and you want to know which ones are best.

  • 02.

    Ideal Bundle

    When there are potentially billions of message bundles possible and you want the optimal ones.

  • 03.

    Perfect Storyflow

    When delivering the perfect sequence of messages in a bundle is critical to your success.

  • 04.

    Omni-Channel Execution

    When you need to execute a comprehensive omni-channel campaign.

Intrigued about how CMO works, but don’t want a black box? No worries!

  • Before Research

    Message Optimizing Software

    Use AI to detect the heuristic behind each message and develop alternative versions of each message based on heuristics.

  • During Research

    Message Optimizer

    Customize messages and bundles shown to each respondent based on their personal heuristics.

  • After Research

    Pharma Message Optimization

    Use AI to quickly identify optimal message bundles out of billions of possibilities.

How Does Cmo Works

How does CMO work?

CMO customizes the messages and message bundles shown to each respondent based on their personal heuristics and biases.

Cmo Learns In Real-Time

How does CMO work?

CMO learns in real-time during the survey and predicts the best messages for each respondent.

Cmo Forces Respondants And Capture Discriminating Data

How does CMO work?

CMO forces repondents to make tough choices and captures more discriminating data from the survey.

Cmo Mesures The Message Appeals

How does CMO work?

CMO measures the appeal of not only the messages, but also the underlying heuristics embedded in the language of each message.

The respondent's journey in a CMO study is almost entirely behavioral!

Individual Message Testing


Test messages and underlying heuristics against each other in a choice exercise.

Real-time Predictions


Predict a shortlist of best messages and message bundles for each respondent based on their heuristic preferences.

Competitive Comparison


Test predicted best message bundle against competitors’ bundles.

Message Bundle Testing


Custom build message bundles for each respondent based on heuristics and test in a choice exercise.

Message Bundle Diagnostics


Collect behavioral diagnostics on predicted best bundle.

CMO delivers everything you need for your messaging to win in the market!

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Segment-based omni-channel message map

CMO converts messages into campaign ready bundles.

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    Strategic Message Bundles

    Bundles that will be used to define your brand’s messaging strategy across all channels and will serve as your creative brief.

  • Image

    Executional Message Bundles

    Bundles for each channel that you plan to execute messaging through, e.g. email, direct mail, TV, sales reps, etc.

  • Image

    Tactical Message Bundles

    Bundles that will help you play offense/defense against specific competitors in the market.

CMO puts the power of AI in your hands

Data from CMO studies is loaded into an easy-to-use AI platform where you can optimize message bundles and storyflow for all your campaign needs.

Message Development Research
CMO can even “re -score” messages without additional fieldwork in case messages are edited in the future.

CMO has been proven superior to best-in-class choice-based message testing methodologies in multiple head-to-head studies.

  • Pharma Message Development

    Preference Share

    1.5 times more people preferred the CMO message bundle vs. Competitor.

  • Cmo Mesures The Underlying Heuristics

    Utility Scores

    The utility score for CMO bundle was 25% higher vs. Competitor.

  • Behavioral Diagnostics For Cmo Bundle

    Behavioral Diagnostics

    T2B diagnostics were significantly higher for CMO bundle vs. Competitor.


choose message optimizer

The most advanced message testing methodology built on behavioral science and AI.

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Get to know Newristics better

How can market research be used to test messages with customers?

Customer market research is regularly used to test “ideas” before launching them in the market. Ideas can be tested in the form of new product concepts, positioning statements, messages, etc.

Message testing market research is typically used to identify messages with the greatest customer appeal, prioritize messages from best to worst, get insights about why a message has high/medium/low appeal, and get ideas on how to improve messages. A message testing survey allows you to test messages with your existing customers before they are launched in marketing campaigns so that you can anticipate how well the campaign will likely perform. Campaign message testing also helps brand teams optimize their campaigns and make improvements on a continuous basis while the campaign is live.

What market research methodologies are typically used for message testing?

Market researchers and marketers can pick from a variety of message testing methodology options to test messages before launch. Qualitative message testing market research includes personal conversations with customers in the form of focus groups, diads/triads, or even one-on-one interviews. These conversations can take place in-person, on the phone or in web chat rooms and are typically facilitated by an interviewer or moderator.

Quantitative message testing market research involves the use of online surveys in which customers are asked to review messages and rank/rate them based on preference. More advanced message testing surveys include choice-based methodologies which expose respondents to a series of messaging choices and ask them to make preferences.

With the increasing use of digital channels for messaging activation, A/B message testing softwares have also emerged as a popular option for message testing. Instead of testing messages in market research before launching campaigns, marketers are testing messages in-market through A/B message testing software platforms and optimizing campaigns on the fly based on open/click through rates.

What are the limitations of conventional message testing methodology?

All message testing methodologies have their own pros/cons. Qualitative message testing market research is excellent at diving deep into individual messages to understand the psychology behind each one. However, qualitative message testing interviews can’t handle too many messages and the responses are stated and subject to many biases.

Quantitative message testing surveys can test a lot more messages, but they do not allow for deep exploration of each message and don’t provide detailed drivers/barriers of appeal for each message. Quantitative message testing software is also not well suited to get ideas from respondents on how to improve messages.

What would be the deliverables of an ideal system for message testing?

An ideal message testing software would overcome the shortcomings of conventional qualitative and quantitative message testing market research methodologies and produce a deliverable that includes the following:

  1. Ability to test 100s of messages in one survey without using a lot of respondents
  2. Not only test messages, but also find a way to improve them
  3. Identify the hidden barriers/drivers of message appeal without asking respondents stated questions
  4. Identify not just a hierarchy of messages, but also the winning message bundles and storyflow that can be used to launch successful campaigns
  5. Personalize messages bundles for each customer segment and channel of communication.
  6. Produce a messaging playbook that can improve launch readiness and speed to market.

How can decision heuristic science be used to test messages differently?

Decision heuristics science is the three-time Nobel prize-winning field of research that explains how human beings make decisions using mental shortcuts. Over the last 30 years, hundreds of specific decision heuristics have been discovered about human decision-making. In the context of customer behavior, heuristics can help us understand why customers respond to certain messages or product offerings.

Decision heuristics science can be used in multiple ways for message testing. First, it can be used as a message optimizing software which can improve language in messages before they're tested with customers. Second, it can also be used during the research as a powerful message testing market research methodology. When messages are tested in a message testing survey using heuristics, all respondents have to do is make choices and the drivers of their preferences are explained by the underlying heuristics behind each message

How can artificial intelligence be used to analyze message testing data differently?

Artificial intelligence can be used to make the output of message testing surveys more actionable and campaign ready. Historically, data from message testing market research studies would be loaded into statistical software systems like SPSS and the output would be standard message hierarchies and/or a TURF analysis. Using artificial intelligence on data collected from message testing software can produce optimal message bundles and story flow out of billions of possibilities and even personalize them down to the segment and channel level. With AI-powered campaign message testing, you can get a channel- and customer-specific messaging playbook that is ready to execute.

How can innovation in message testing drive better campaign readiness?

While there has been significant innovation in how messages are developed and executed in the marketplace over the past 30 years, little to no innovation has been brought forward on how messages are tested with customers before they're launched in campaigns.

What marketers need in today's hyper-competitive environment to be launch ready for their next marketing campaign with a messaging playbook that has the optimal message bundles and story flow for every segment and channel of communication. Conventional message testing market research methodologies were simply not designed to produce the deliverables that today's marketers need. New innovation is needed in message testing research see help marketers be more launch ready and to reduce course correction in marketing campaigns.