An agile solution to take your messaging from good to great!

AiGILE is a marketing automation service designed to
significantly improve your messaging.

AiGILE service
takes your messaging from

Creatively Strong to
Scientifically Perfect.

Decision Heuristic Science

Decision Heuristic Science

Used to rewrite messages and make them more persuasive.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Used to predict message appeal and prioritize the best messages for execution.

Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management

Used to complete the entire process in 5 days or less.

AiGILE turns the service
model on its head.

A service so fast and so easy,
you'll think it's a software!


can significantly improve your

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  • Any marketing content
  • Any format
  • Any channel
  • Any target customer

AiGILE creates many alternative versions of your messages by “heuristicizing” them.

Original Message

According to a meta-analysis of studies from 1975 to 2005, the 1-year survival rate of metastatic melanoma was 25%.

Heuristicized Message

A meta analysis of studies spanning 30 years showed that 3 out of 4 metastatic melanoma patients die within 12 months.

Original Message

As you get older, you're at increased risk for Shingles. It doesn't matter how healthy you feel, because age is a risk factor for Shingles. The immune system can weaken as we age, so viruses, like the one that can cause Shingles, can resurface.

Heuristicized Message

As you age, so does your immune system. If you are not protected with new vaccination, the chicken pox virus can flare up and can cause a painful condition called Shingles.

Original Message

60% of Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries with Heart Failure have one or more admissions annually while 31% have 2 or more admissions.

Heuristicized Message

Every visit to the hospital adds up. 6 out of 10 Medicare fee-for-service Heart Failure patients have one or more admissions per year while a third of patients have 2 or more admissions.


is the first andonly company to

heuristicize messaging.


Database of every heuristic discovered in the world (660+).


Only algorithm to map the dominant heuristics in any product category.


Largest team of trained heuristicians in the world.


Largest database of 100,000s of heuristicized messages.

AiGILE uses
Deep Natural Language Understanding (DNLU) algorithms.

Trained on the largest etymological database of 2.7+ million heuristics-based words and phrases.

  • No prep work.
  • No briefings.
  • No background reading.

Just send your messages and receive alternatives in 5 days.

Now that’s easy!
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    Send your messages to NEWRISTICS.

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    Set an alarm for 5 days later.

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    Receive heuristicized messages back.

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    Smile & use in different deliverables.

AiGILE subscriptions cover the entire brand and are ALL-YOU-CAN-USE.


All Customers

One subscription covers messaging targeted to all customer segments.


All Channels

One subscription covers messaging delivered through all channels of communication.


All Teams

One subscription covers all teams working on the brand, including agency partners.


All Formats

One subscription covers all forms of marketing content, from strategic to executional.

Small Investment. Big ROI.

$ 35,000


Ideal for special projects, one-time messaging campaigns, channel specific messaging, etc.

40% Off!

$ 65,000


Suitable for launch messaging development, minor campaign refresh, market event response messaging, etc.

55% Off!

$ 95,000


Suitable for launch commercial planning, developing inputs for messaging research, major campaign refresh, core message inventory, etc.

70% Off!

$ 125,000


Ideal for ongoing messaging support for brand/multi-channel teams, major campaign development, etc.

AiGILE improves messaging…guaranteed!

AiGILE messaging has been proven superior in 100+ studies.
>$100 bnannual revenue
AiGILE messaging is used by brands generating >$100 billion in annual revenue.
AiGILE messages have proven to be 2-5X better in research and in-market.
200+global brands
Global brands optimize messaging through AiGILE.
0loss rate
AiGILE messaging has never lost to any comparator.
10/10Top pharmaceutical companies
Top 10 pharmaceutical companies consistently use AiGILE for their messaging needs.

Rocket science for messaging?

As close as it gets!

Largest database of heuristics (>660) is searched.


Proprietary algorithm identifies top 10-20 dominant heuristics (DH) for any category.


Team of writers are briefed on identified dominant heuristics and project background.


Team enters into an online portal and heuristicizes messages leveraging exclusive home-grown tools.


Final set of heuristicized messages are packaged and presented.


Master heursitician final scores every message and selects the best 2-4 alternatives.


Machine learning algorithm pre-scores every message written.


8-10 alternatives are written across every dominant heuristics.


A marketing subscription service to mine new insights out of existing research using behavioral science.

Heuristicize me!

Interested in trying AiGILE for free on your brand?

If you can say it in words, AiGILE Messaging can heuristicize it.

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