A marketing subscription service to mine new insights out of existing research using behavioral science.


doesn't just synthesize your existing research into a summary presentation.

It identifies insights your research missed!


AiGILE doesn’t just synthesize your existing research into a summary presentation....

It identifies insights your research missed!

Example # 1:
Psoriasis Insights

Why have so many patients not switched to newer classes of drugs and brands in the psoriasis category even though there is head-to-head superiority data?

Example #2:
Chronic Pain Insights
  • 01

    In their psoriatic journey, patients are frequently disappointed with results. Over time, they learn that it's better to deal with some residual suffering of psoriasis than to deal with the constant roller coaster of disappointment and hope.
    (Heuristic: Disappointment Aversion)

  • 02

    As psoriasis progresses incrementally, patients’ coping evolves incrementally too. A major switch in their treatment is warranted only if there is a major decline in their condition. If not, they don’t bother with switching and keep coping.
    (Heuristic: Incremental Decision Making and Escalation of Commitments)

  • 03

    When starting a patient on biologics, physicians do what it takes to “sell” the patient. When it is time to switch to another biologic, physicians dial back the aggressive selling, sending patients subtle signals that switching from one biologic to another is a lateral move and not a step up.
    (Heuristic: Faulty Generalization Effect)

  • 04

    Psoriasis patients learn to “see themselves” only after years of not being able to see past their skin. Their psoriasis self becomes their new self and they take their new normal as a character-building challenge.
    (Heuristic: Rule of Consistency)

Example # 2:
Chronic pain Insights

Everyone who has worked in pain category knows that pain is very “personal”.

But what does it exactly mean?(Heuristic: Illusory Superiority)

Example #3:
Retail Banking Insights

All chronic pain sufferers strive to be warriors

rather than victims who suffer from pain without a purpose.

My pain says I'm strong.
Yours says you're weak.

Example # 3:
Retail Banking Insights

Why do millions of people still use the retail bank branch frequently?(Heuristic: Rule of Consistency)

Example #4:
Cough/Cold Insights
  • “I have a to-do list for the whole week and it is very rewarding to cross off everything before the weekend. Going to the bank to deposit my checks is my favorite thing to cross off the list because every deposit slip is a confirmation that, unlike my mom, I am in full control of my life!”

  • “I believe in love thy neighbor. It’s my way of practicing my faith everyday. But, in today’s hectic life, nobody has time to be nice to each other. At least, I know I can go to the bank once a week and have a blessed conversation with my favorite teller.”

Example # 4:
Cough/Cold Insights

Who’s to blame for a cough vs. a cold?(Heuristic: Actor-Observer Bias)

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People don’t empathize with you as much when you have a cough vs. a cold.

In fact, people can even ostracize you with social cues or subtle suggestions when you cough.

Deep down inside they believe that you could be doing more to contain your cough.

If they were the ones coughing, they would never take blame themselves.

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