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Why Grocery Ecommerce Product Detail Pages Fail to Convert

9 simple reasons for low PDP conversion rates and how to avoid them

You’ve done the hard work – you’ve taken the time to understand your target audience, you’ve identified white space opportunities, and you’ve created a master branding strategy for your grocery product. The website is optimized, ads are targeted, and your product is searchable. So why isn’t it selling?

Often, companies neglect one of the most important steps in the buying journey – the Product Detail Page (PDP). The PDP is essential, as it is the place where consumers decide to buy or not to buy. In this infographic, you will find 9 common reasons why grocery PDPs have a conversion problem. Discover some of the most common pitfalls on ecommerce PDPs and learn how to avoid them to maximize product conversion.

Artificial intelligence in Market Research

Artificial intelligence in market research: 16 ways AI is being used in the market research industry and what that means for insights professionals.

The market research industry has undergone a digital transformation of its own over the past decade. Ten years ago, majority of market research was project-based and was implemented by custom market research providers on behalf of their clients. Today, most clients use “always-on” do-it-yourself market research platforms powered by agile technology, real-time data analytics and cloud computing.

But, how well is the market research industry utilizing the latest advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning to shake up the status quo? Compared to some other industries like healthcare and automotive where AI/ML has made tremendous inroads already, the market research industry is still in its early stages of adoption of AI/ML.

In this fascinating infographic brought to you by Newristics, the adoption of AI/ML in market research is explained through the top 16 uses cases, organized in increasing level of AI/ML application. The infographic simplifies a complex landscape and makes it easy for the insights community to learn about all the important use cases of AI/ML in market research.

Why testing a lot of messages is important for your brand

Whether it is the danger of leaving out potentially winning messages out of a research study or having to compromise on the optimal message bundles and story flow, there are many reasons to adopt the use of Newristics' CMO. Look through this infographic to learn why.

What does it take to optimize your messaging

Optimizing brand messaging from development to execution is not easy, which is why many brands end up settling for messaging that is less than optimal. To overcome these barriers and to optimize every step of the messaging cycle, brands need to leverage the power of science, algorithms, and technology.

Message optimization with science and algorithms

AiGILE uses a combination of behavioral science and AI to improve your messaging by 2-3X. But that's only one reason for you to choose AiGILE. Learn about the seemingly unending ways you can utilize your AiGILE subscription for the most impactful results.

Time to give up Qualitative Message Testing?

Despite being riddled by myriad shortcomings, pharma brand teams have traditionally relied heavily on qual market research to test messages. Now it's time to move on - read on to see why.

Take your messaging from 80 to 100!

Taking your messaging from Good to Great is not easy, which is why many teams give up and settle for less-than-optimal messaging. Now with Newristics' AiGILE service you don't need to settle anymore!

Message testing for the Future of Marketing

Messaging development and execution has evolved substantially over the past 10 years, but message testing has not kept up. It’s time for MESSAGE TESTING to be driven by advanced science and algorithms.