CMR uses latest advancements in science and algorithms to offer a more actionable solution for brand message recall

Before research

Machine learning algorithms are used to analyze the effectiveness of messages from all brands in the category

During research

Memory science is used to create survey techniques that capture TRUE message recall

After research

Behavioral science is used to optimize and improve messaging

CMR leverages the power of AI before research to analyze message effectiveness at scale

Messages are collected for all brands across channels
Machine learning algorithms analyze and score every message
Messaging effectiveness scorecard is produced

Using decision heuristics allows machines to analyze the message's effectiveness in new ways.


    % of brand messages in tiers 1/2/3 based on heuristic persuasion


    % of brand messages using a dominant decision heuristic


    % of dominant decision heuristics addressed by brand


    Brand overdependence on few heuristics based on 80/20 type rule

CMR benchmarks your messaging performance to competitors and industry databases.

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    Brand vs. Brand

    Messages for your brand are scored vs. competitors

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    Brand vs. Database

    Messages for every brand are benchmarked against a best-in-class messaging database

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    Brand vs. Category Drivers

    Messages for every brand are evaluated against category decision drivers

CMR leverages the AI analysis for immediate actionability

Improve Message Recall Research
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    Go into research with better hypotheses about messaging

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    Add custom questions to the research to get deep insights

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    Choose the best messages to study in the research

Improve Messaging
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    Create new messages to address heuristic gaps

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    Rewrite messages that scored low on persuasion

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    Rewrite messages to achieve better heuristic balance.

CMR surveys use novel techniques grounded in memory science

  • memory_palace
    Memory Palace

    Leverage respondent’s memory palace by using mind mapping type techniques in the survey

  • gamification

    Use gamified test/quiz exercises to get past stated memory recall questions

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    Association-Based Cues

    Use brand association-based cues to tap into dormant message memory

CMR is designed to capture message recall in an omni-channel marketing world

Personal Promotion
Social Media

CMR quantifies message recall using comprehensive measures that help drive research actionability

  • accuracyofrecall
    Accuracy of Recall

    How likely are customers to confuse your messages with other brands?

  • speedofrecall
    Speed of Recall

    How readily are your brand’s messages available in your customers’ mind?

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    Breadth of Recall

    How many different types of messages from your brand can customers recall?

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    Depth of Recall

    How much detail from your messages can customers recall?

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    Emotion of Recall

    What are the memories associated with your messages in customers’ mind?


Choose Message Recall

First and only message recall solution that combines behavioral science and artificial intelligence

Get to know Newristics better

How do build effective messaging strategies to nudge the customers?

An effective business message helps a brand to communicate its unique value proposition and motivate customers, making them want to buy a product. Brand messages tell a story that entices people to use your product and rallies them behind your flag. Building an effective business message involves setting up the tone of voice, a line of communication, and a unique value proposition that help brands communicate with their audience. An effective messaging is always brief and conveys critical aspects of a firm’s brand.

How does CMR work to implement an effective messaging recall strategy?

CMR is the first and only brand message recall solution designed for savvy researchers to help overcome the pain points they face while conducting message recall research. It uses artificial intelligence and heuristics science to evaluate message effectiveness across an omnichannel marketing world - from personal promotion, digital, social media, TV, and email.

Before research:
Machine learning algorithms are used to assess the effectiveness of thousands of messages from all brands in the category. This analysis helps produce immediate actionable results on effective messaging.

During research:
Memory science is used in research to develop survey techniques that capture TRUE message recall. This phase helps to get a more accurate picture of what customers remember and why.

After research:
Behavioral Science is used to optimize messaging based on AI analysis and research. Deliverables are not just insights and implications, but IMPROVED effective messaging with greater behavior change potential