Special Report

Comprehensive reports involving proprietary data and analysis on messaging and behavioral science related topics in pharma.

19 Feb, 2024
Do pharma brands really know what kinds of messages are preferred by HCPs and patients, or do they subscribe to industry myths that just get passed around?

This Newristics Special Report covers 11 important lessons learned from testing 16,000+ pharma messages in market research. The extensive meta-analysis of pharma messages tested in 75+ quantitative market research studies with HCPs and patients busts myths on what drives the appeal of messages in market research.

The report explores various messaging hypotheses, such as the impact of data, message length, brand name inclusion, emotion, customer centricity, comparative messaging, superlative language, reference sources, statement vs. question phrasing, and readability.

If you want to optimize your brand messaging, this data-backed report is a must-read. It will provide you with immediate next steps on how to optimize your brand messaging. Guaranteed!
30 Jan, 2024
Drug launches have become increasingly competitive, putting immense pressure on launch teams to meet ambitious revenue goals in the first year.

Effective campaigns need a smart messaging playbook tailored for different channels and audiences. Is market research delivering what pharma marketers need? Can innovative research make drug launches more successful?

Learn how behavioral science and AI can elevate market research and improve launch readiness in this Newristics Special Report.
  • Improve message effectiveness with persuasion science before conducting research.
  • Increase chances of finding a breakthrough storyflow by testing hundreds of messages in one survey, exploring billions of possibilities.
  • Choose the best launch messages with better separation in scores between good, better, and best.
  • Customize the optimal story flow for each channel and customer segment for maximum impact.
  • Discover campaign refresh messages for 6-12 months post-launch. Download the report now!
02 Feb, 2024
Is there a competitor in your disease state whose DTC ads stand out for being very effective and memorable? Chances are competitors who are winning the DTC game are addressing decision heuristics of patients to make their ads more effective.

While DTC ads undergo extensive consumer testing before being aired, traditional ad testing methods such as Millward Brown Link and IPSOS ASI can evaluate the effectiveness of DTC ads using decision heuristics science.

Newristics brings you an exclusive report featuring a decision heuristics science analysis of 5 leading DTC ads. Each ad was examined frame-by-frame for the visual and verbal communication strategies used to address the decision heuristics of target patients.

Get your report now - it will help you to see winning DTC ads in a whole new light and get ideas on how you can optimize your DTC ad using decision heuristics science.
Vaccinating America
How behavioral science can be used to drive near-universal vaccination against SARS-COV-2 in the US
08 May, 2021
In early 2020, when the novel coronavirus began to spread around the world, it became increasingly clear that the most effective way to combat the raging pandemic would be for the majority of the population to develop immunity — whether through natural infection or vaccination. After months of tireless effort, now that the vaccine has become a reality, we still find people hesitant to vaccinate. This Special Report developed by Newristics, tracks the reasons behind America’s hesitancy to vaccinate and gets prescriptive in recommending strategies at various levels, using behavioral science as a tool to maximize compliance.
Explaining The Opioid Crisis Using Decision Heuristics Science
Going Beyond The 'What' And Explaining The 'Why'
Gaurav Kapoor
19 NOV, 2019
This paper explores the Opioid Epidemic in an entirely new light. It puts the spotlight on a string of human decisions that triggered major market-shaping events that ultimately led to the Opioid Crisis in America. In this paper, which focuses on the ‘why’ rather than the ‘what’, Newristics utilizes the Nobel prize-winning field of Decision Heuristic Science to explain how we got here and what can be done to reverse this crisis and its crippling effects.