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Market Research
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Newristics is the global leader in applying decision heuristics science to marketing.
The science of how humans use pre-programmed, mental shortcuts to make over 95% of their decisions.
Newristics is revolutionizing messaging with decision heuristic science.
  • Invented a new way to write messages with heuristic psychology.
  • Invented a new way to qualitatively research and refine messages.
  • Invented a new way to quantitatively test and optimize message bundles.
All based on a behavioral sciences backbone including: heuristic psychology, sociology, behavioral economics, and decision heuristics science.
Newristics is the global leader in decision heuristics science
The only database of all decision heuristics from around the world
The only predictive algorithm used to identify the dominant heuristics for any category
The only database with 100,000s of heuristicized messages
Heuristicize it!
The new way to create great messages...invented by Newristics
If every message you have is not directly talking to your
customers' dominant heuristics,
you are wasting your valuable marketing funds.
Beyond messaging,
any set of words
designed to influence customer decisions and consumer behavior
can be made 2-5 times
more compelling with decision heuristics science and Newristics.
Heuristicizing messages is a NO-BRAINER!
Only Newristics can do it.
  • 5-day turnaround
  • Unlimited messages
  • Low budget, flat-fee
  • Completely turnkey
  • 2-5 times improvement
Using Newristics to optimize your messaging with heuristic-based qualitative research and/or quantitative message testing is also a NO-BRAINER.
8 out of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies
count on Newristics for heuristics-based message development and/or marketing research.