Messaging Performance Scorecard (MPS)

The first and only 100% AI solution to benchmark messaging performance of all brands in a category.

  • Messages for your brand are scored vs competitors.

  • Messages for every brand are compared to the largest heuristics-based messaging database in the world.

  • Messages for every brand are evaluated against category decision drivers.

KRISTL uses behavioral science and artificial intelligence to score messaging for all brands in a category and create a message performance scorecard.

Can machines really tell you how well your messages are performing?

Not unless they are trained with the best data and algorithms.

What did KRISTL say to ATUs and Message Recall Studies?

Ok, Boomer!

KRISTL scores messaging for all brands and divides them into Tiers 1-4 based on their predicted effectiveness.

Compare your messages to direct competitors and to an industry normative database.

  • Legend
  • Tier 1
  • Tier 2
  • Tier 3
  • Tier 4

KRISTL analyzes how well each brand’s messaging is delivering against the dominant heuristics (DH) of the product category and identifies heuristic gaps in your messaging.

KRISTL can be used for ad-hoc or recurring performance assessments.

Ad-hoc Assessment

Suitable for categories with few competitors and with low message refresh frequency.

Recurring Assessments

Suitable for active categories with many competitors and frequent messaging updates.

KRISTL can be used for omni-channel messaging performance assessment.

Messages flowing through any channel can be included in the scorecard.

KRISTL is more than a benchmarking solution.
It even improves your messages.

  • Messages written to non-dominant heuristics are replaced.
  • Underperforming messages are heuristicized and improved messages are provided.
  • Messages gaps are filled with new messages.

KRISTL has everything you want in a performance scorecard type product.


AI replaces market research or in-market tracking.


Score all your messages, not just a sample.


Just email messages for you and your competitors.


Low cost,
high ROI.


Not only measure, but improve messaging.

First and only artificial intelligence solution to create a messaging scorecard.