KRISTL message predicting ai

KRISTL predictively scores messages

  • No surveys.
  • No respondents.
  • No fieldwork.

predictive accuracy vs. primary market research

KRISTL predicts accurately because of extremely high-quality training inputs & advanced algorithms.

Choose KRISTL message predictor
  • Etymological database of 2.7 million heuristics-based words and phrases.
  • DNLU – Deep Natural Language Understanding algorithms that analyze heuristics embedded in language.
  • Research database of 2.4 million respondent choices from past message testing studies.

KRISTL is an ideal solution for when you are in a message testing pickle!

  • checklist_icon_01 Not enough time to conduct primary market research?
  • checklist_icon_02 Short on market research budgets?
  • checklist_icon_03 Need gut check answers, not 100-page research reports?
  • checklist_icon_04 Can’t recruit enough customers for quant research?
  • checklist_icon_05 Need to cut down messages for research?

KRISTL delivers almost everything you get from a quant message testing study.

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    Message Hierarchy
  • deliver_icon_02
    Message Bundles
  • deliver_icon_03
    Message Substitutions
  • CMP message predictor
    Message Diagnostics

KRISTL checks all the boxes on your vendor checklist.

  • Cost Less than one-third the cost of a quant study.
  • Reliable Matches primary research 80% of the time.
  • Fast Get results in days.
  • Easy Just provide messages to test.

KRISTL can be customized to your product category and brand by training the algorithms on your data.

  • KRISTL AI Message Predictive Testing

    Share data from past message testing studies.

  • CMP AI message predicting

    KRISTL is further trained on your custom data to improve predictive accuracy.

  • KRISTL: Easy-to-Use Message Scoring Tool

    KRISTL is deployed as an easy-to-use message scoring tool for you to use directly.

KRISTLAI Message Predictive Testing

The first and only AI solution to “test” messages without conducting any primary market research.