Newristics’ eBooks are easily navigable, visually appealing, yet content rich resources that will help you build a robust brand strategy.

20 Simple Writing Hacks

Hacks to take your messaging from good to great!

If you often find yourself reviewing and refining messages to make them better, this E-book is perfect for you. Learn the science behind message writing and start using hacks to improve messages within minutes.


CMO: The Future of message testing is here!

Newristics' CMO is the Faster| Cheaper| Better| Easier way to test messages using a unique combination of behavioral science and AI. Read on to see why CMO is everything you've been looking for in a Message Testing Methodology for 20 years!

De-bias your marketing decisions

Overcome the Top 10 cognitive biases driving marketing decisions.

Cognitive biases drive almost every decision we make in life, including decisions we make as marketers. This E-book will help you go from a good to great marketer by de-biasing the marketing decisions that affect the strategic and financial success of your brand.