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Real world customer stories featuring results from message optimization work using decision heuristics science and artificial intelligence. Learn how the world's leading brands are optimizing their messaging with Newristics.



Are banks falling behind on how effectively they message to their customers? Image

Leadings brands in many industries are transforming the way they develop and test messaging for marketing campaigns. Best-in-class marketers are reducing their dependence on creative genius and optimizing their messaging campaigns with science and algorithms to test 100s of messages in research and explore billions of campaign ideas. Is retail banking falling behind on messaging innovation?

To test the state of affairs in retail bank messaging, Newristics recently conducted a large-scale market research study using messaging from the #1 bank – JP Morgan Chase.

• Study objective: Can behavioral science and AI transform messaging for Chase Bank?
• Study results: 30%-50% lift in messaging effectiveness for Chase bank was achieved across all channels and segments.

How did behavioral science and AI transform messaging for the country’s #1 bank?

• Better and more messaging ideas – 350+ new messages generated in 5 days
• Turbo message testing – 400+ messages tested with 1,000 banking customers
• Best omni-channel message bundles – 2.5 trillion possibilities
• Actionable messaging insights – Precise language for segment customization

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