Visual Aid Testing


(Choose Vis Aid)

Combine the power of science and algorithms to test your next vis aid.

Visual Aid Optimization

Behavioral science-based primary research testing of your vis aid

Visual Aids Pharmaceutical Marketing

AI scoring of vis aid messages and comparison to normative database

Why use Choose Visual Aid (CVA?)

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    Qual-like depth with the rigor of quant research

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    Normative database comparison using AI

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    Mock detail of every page in the vis aid

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    Not just tests, but also performs visual aid optimization of your messages

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    Behavioral science-based survey exercises

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    Comparable in cost and timing to quality visual aid testing


Behavioral survey techniques Better respondent experience Better vis aid feedback

Choose Visual Aid
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    Reactional Feedback

    Measures quick gut reactions to content of every page

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    Rational Feedback

    Measures rational impact of content on every page

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    Emotional Feedback

    Measures emotions evoked by content of every page

Detailed Survey Feedback

Every page of the vis aid is tested in multiple ways to get detailed section-level and page-level feedback

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Machine Learning Analysis

CVA also uses deep learning algorithms to score every message in your vis aid and compares it to a large normative database

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    Vis Aid Pages
  • Pharmaceutical Visual Aid
    Machine learning scoring + database comparison against 100,000s of messages
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CVA not only evaluates your vis aid, it also provides improvements.

Visual Aid Pharma


Choose Vis Aid

First and only quant Visual Aid Testing Methodology That Combines Behavioral Science and Artificial Intelligence

Visual Aid For Pharma Company

Get to know Newristics better

What is Choose Visual Aid?

Choose Visual Aid (CVA) is the first and only Quant Visual Aid Testing methodology that leverages the power of behavior science and artificial intelligence to test your vis aid. This is not just another visual aid software that boosts your visual aid. Instead, CVA leverages a deep learning algorithm to score every message in your visual aid and compares it to a normative database. It can be the perfect tool for you to measure and score your visual aid messaging, making it cost and time effective.

How does CVA empower marketing teams?

CVA provides businesses with insights into how customers perceive their visual aid messaging. Not only does it give a performance scorecard, but also provides suggestions on how to improve visual aid messaging. This allows marketing teams to better understand what works and what doesn't communicate effectively.

CVA provides the in-depth insights of a qual researcher with the rigor of a quant. It also uses AI to compare your message against normative databases and make suggestions for improvement. Comparable in cost and timing to qual vis testing, CVA is a valuable tool for any marketer.

How does CVA work for visual aid pharma?

The pharma visual aid has transformed completely but the visual aid testing has not evolved at all. This is where Choose Visual Aid gives a boost to a visual aid for a pharma company. The solution carries out quantitative research that leverages behavioral science-based survey techniques to get insights on every page; and algorithm analysis that uses artificial intelligence to score every message in the visual aid pharma company on effectiveness. Application of CVA involves behavioral survey techniques, better respondent experience, and better vis aid feedback. It helps to measure quick gut reactions, rational impact, and emotions evoked by the content of every page.