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Longer read white papers featuring advanced applications of decision heuristics science to life sciences, public health, messaging, market research, etc.

Is AI ready to transform messaging in the financial services industry?
Large study compares the effectiveness of messaging generated by multiple AI platforms for a leading bank
08 May, 2022
Financial service marketers are continually looking for AI marketing solutions that help them produce quicker, stronger, and more effective messaging strategies to keep up with the evolving needs of customers.

With hundreds of SaaS companies democratizing Natural Language Generation (NLG), it is now easier than ever for anyone to leverage the power of large language models. From creating simple digital copy to long-form content, Message Development AI Platforms can help companies generate creative AI marketing content at scale. But, with so many AI marketing platforms and language models that perform at different levels, how do you most effectively choose and implement a platform that best suits the needs of your organization?

Newristics conducted a large-scale study to:

(1) Evaluate the effectiveness of 50 different Message Development AI platforms

(2) Compare hundreds of Ai-written messages vs. in-market messages for the #1 bank in America

The results are surprising—AI messaging is ready to rewrite the future of financial services messaging (with limitations).
Review the findings of the special report here. Download now!
Can innovation in market research make messaging campaigns more effective in retail banking?
A approach to message testing that combines the power of behavioral science and artificial intelligence improved the effectiveness of messaging for the #1 bank in the country.
08 May, 2022
Current message testing methodologies are not helping marketers optimize their messaging campaigns before launch. A/B testing is easy, but data shows that 80% of A/B tests don't produce any results and are cancelled before they reach statistical significance.

In order to demonstrate the value of decision heuristics science and AI in message testing, Newristics conducted a large-scale, head-to-head, challenger type study using messages from the #1 bank in the country.

More than 350 new heuristics-based messages were developed and tested with N=1,000 banking customers using the CMO (Choose Message Optimizer) methodology. AI was used to explore 2.5 trillion message bundles and identify winning campaigns that were 30%-50% more preferred than Chase control messaging.
Time : 20 Mins
With the Pharma industry rapidly evolving, brand teams are realizing the need for more frequent message refreshes to stay ahead. But often marketing teams don’t have new clinical data or even customer insights to execute a message refresh. If you have nothing new to say, can you really say it differently enough to make a difference?

Explore Messaging AI - a faster, cheaper, and better way to refresh your brand messaging, even when you have nothing new to say creatively.
  • Analyze the Effectiveness: Compare your messages to competitors and benchmark databases to gain a competitive edge.
  • Reinvent Your Messaging: Find new ways to articulate your clinical data and your messages
  • Test, Test, Test: Test hundreds of new messages in a single survey and find the winning messaging story flow from billions of possibilities.

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Reinventing Message Testing
A Futuristic Approach to Message Testing for Pharma Companies
Time : 25 Mins
Market research has seen tremendous innovation in the past decade, but research techniques used for MESSAGE TESTING have not changed in a long time. It’s time message testing research got an upgrade.

In this white paper, Newristics presents a vision for the future of message testing research in pharma. Say goodbye to old research techniques like maxdiff/TURF and say hello to a new way of testing messages using Decision Heuristics science.

Learn how the use of decision heuristics science in message testing research is creating new opportunities for pharma marketers and researchers:
  • Improve messages before fielding research
  • Test 100s of messages in one survey
  • Eliminate stated questions about why/why not like a message
  • Get better separation in scores between good/better/best messages
  • Identify winning message bundles to move customer decisions

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How Did Medical Errors Become The #3 Cause Of Death In The US
A Decision Heuristics Science Analysis.
Time : 20 Mins
It's scary to think that your Healthcare may kill you. But that indeed is the unfortunate truth for tens of thousands of Americans, whose deaths are direct results of medical errors. While the issue is multi-faceted and involves several stakeholders, mitigating medical errors requires a closer look at the behavioral drivers involved. In this white paper, Newristics uses decision heuristic science to examine three areas contributing to the perpetuation of medical errors as they exist in the current system in the United States, and a fourth area that we should keep in mind as we seek to minimize this disturbing trend.
Time : 20 Mins
In this white paper, Newristics analyzes some classic, well-loved songs and delves into the realm of the subconscious mind of the lyricists using decision heuristics science. Perhaps unknown to the song writers, these hugely popular songs speak to heuristics and biases that drive human decision making. Read on to see how Newristics cleverly digs out the hidden heuristics in these songs.
Social Media's Impact On Mental Health
A Behavioral Science Analysis
Time : 20 Mins
This whitepaper explores the decision heuristics that lead to completely irrational user behaviors, pertaining to the consumption and internalization of social media and its constant barrage of perfectly filtered photos, exaggerated lifestyles, and skewed validations. See how heuristics like Sensationalism Bias, Social Comparison theory, FOMO and Looking Glass Self make for a dangerous mix of situations that is contributing to an alarming trend of impaired mental health the world over.