bhvr masterclass

BHVR is a series of masterclasses in behavioral science applied to messaging in the pharmaceutical industry. You can learn more from one BHVR Masterclass than an entire book on behavioral science.

BHVR Masterclass 12
7 AUG, 2019

Ever wondered why people tend to harshly judge the behaviors and actions of others, but often let themselves off the hook for similar scenarios and situations? This Master Class will demystify the ‘Actor observer bias’ and why we attribute the behaviors of others to individual traits and our behaviors to external causes. Learn about the disease states in which this bias plays a big part and how brands fight this heuristic for effective messaging. You will also learn about the heuristic of ‘Disappointment Aversion’, or how if we think that we might be disappointed by the results of our actions, we may decide not to act at all. See examples of how this heuristic works in HCV and Endometriosis