bhvr masterclass

BHVR is a series of masterclasses in behavioral science applied to messaging in the pharmaceutical industry. You can learn more from one BHVR Masterclass than an entire book on behavioral science.

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BHVR Masterclass 12
7 AUG, 2019
Get an insider’s perspective into the biases of ‘Disappointment Aversion’ and ‘Actor observer bias’, and how these have been routinely leveraged by pharma.
BHVR Masterclass 11
12 JUN, 2019
Take your messaging from good to great by using ‘Incremental Decision making’ and ‘Salience Effect’.
BHVR Masterclass 10
15 MAY, 2019
Learn how the heuristics of ‘Choice Overload’ and ‘Focusing Effect’ have been successfully leveraged in Pharma messaging.
BHVR Masterclass 9
10 APR, 2019
Learn about how Numerosity effect and Ambiguity Aversion have been used in crafting effective messaging
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