White papers

Newristics’ Whitepapers are thoroughly researched, persuasive documents of authority, yet easy to absorb even for a layperson. The insights they provide are unique perspectives, viewed through the lens of decision heuristic science.

How did medical errors become the #3 cause of death in the US
A decision heuristics science analysis.
Michael Hayden
21 MAY, 2020
It's scary to think that your Healthcare may kill you. But that indeed is the unfortunate truth for tens of thousands of Americans, whose deaths are direct results of medical errors. While the issue is multi-faceted and involves several stakeholders, mitigating medical errors requires a closer look at the behavioral drivers involved. In this white paper, Newristics uses decision heuristic science to examine three areas contributing to the perpetuation of medical errors as they exist in the current system in the United States, and a fourth area that we should keep in mind as we seek to minimize this disturbing trend.
Explaining The Opioid Crisis Using Decision Heuristics Science
Going Beyond The 'What' And Explaining The 'Why'
Gaurav Kapoor
19 NOV, 2019
This paper explores the Opioid Epidemic in an entirely new light. It puts the spotlight on a string of human decisions that triggered major market-shaping events that ultimately led to the Opioid Crisis in America. In this paper, which focuses on the ‘why’ rather than the ‘what’, Newristics utilizes the Nobel prize-winning field of Decision Heuristic Science to explain how we got here and what can be done to reverse this crisis and its crippling effects.
Hidden Heuristics In All-Time Favorites Songs
A Prodigious Analysis Through The Lens Of Decision Heuristic Science
Gaurav Kapoor
16 APR, 2019
In this white paper, Newristics analyzes some classic, well-loved songs and delves into the realm of the subconscious mind of the lyricists using decision heuristics science. Perhaps unknown to the song writers, these hugely popular songs speak to heuristics and biases that drive human decision making. Read on to see how Newristics cleverly digs out the hidden heuristics in these songs.