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Understand the barriers and bottlenecks which limit desired behaviors of patients and HCPs in the pharmaceutical industry and how messaging boosted by heuristic science can effectively influence any stakeholder audience.

Defending Our Decision
Michael Hayden
10 FEB, 2020
Accountability Bias in a decision is seen when a person thinks he might have to justify that decision to another person ...
How Personality and Circumstance are Perceived Between Oneself and Others
Michael Hayden
06 JAN, 2020
Actor-observer bias occurs when a person attributes another person’s behavior to their personality, but justify their own ....
How Your Gut Can Guide Your Brain
Michael Hayden
09 DEC, 2019
How often have you heard the phrase, “go with your gut”? For many of the decisions we make we don’t have data readily at....
The Devil You Know is Better than the Devil You Don't
Michael Hayden
11 NOV, 2019
The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. This mantra describes how people prefer options with fewer...
How We Can Miss the Forest for the Trees with the Focusing Effect
Michael Hayden
07 OCT, 2019
Do you ever miss the forest for the trees? People can, even doctors. Sometimes we concentrate too much on a single detail....
It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It
Michael Hayden
09 SEP, 2019
Oftentimes it is less about the information itself rather than how it is presented. For example, as a patient how would you...
When You're Holding A Hammer, Everything Can Look Like A Nail
Michael Hayden
05 AUG, 2019
Have you ever used a piece of paper to prop up a wobbly table or an old shirt as a rag? These illustrate examples....
How Our Memory Can Deceive Us
Michael Hayden
08 JUL, 2019
When evaluating events and the relative risks of different outcomes, people will give more.....
More Isn't Always Better
Michael Hayden
10 JUN, 2019
As the name implies, more choice isn’t always better. Have you ever gone to pick up headache medication....
When Announcing Your Ideas Can Backfire
Michael Hayden
06 MAY, 2019
A husband complains to his wife of feeling fatigued but says he just needs a good night’s rest. Over....
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