XPRT Talks are Q&A sessions between two heuristic experts that go past the obvious on behavioral science.

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XPRT Talk 2
11 JUN, 2020
This very relevant XPRT talk by Newristics' Chelsea Burkey and Rex Parks focuses on emotional and mental health in the context of social media and how this can be explained using decision heuristic science. Heuristics are mental shortcuts that we use to interpret ourselves and the world around us. Chelsea explains how heuristics like Sensationalism bias, Conversational Bias, Faulty generalization and Distinction bias in the context of excessive social media exposure can be damaging to emotional and mental health of an individual. She also explains how excessive social media usage can lead us to a place of constantly seeking validation through Facebook and Twitter and how mimicry heuristic and instant gratification heuristic can explain certain behaviors.
XPRT Talk 1
28 MAY, 2020
This first episode of 'XPRT Talks' by Newristics will take you through the factors driving decision making across shareholders in the healthcare ecosystem. You will also learn about which industries currently underutilise heuristics but can benefit hugely from their prolific use and what new behaviors are emerging as a result of new technologies.
BHVR Masterclass 10
15 MAY, 2019
Learn how the heuristics of ‘Choice Overload’ and ‘Focusing Effect’ have been successfully leveraged in Pharma messaging.
BHVR Masterclass 9
10 APR, 2019
Learn about how Numerosity effect and Ambiguity Aversion have been used in crafting effective messaging
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