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Welcome to HSI, where the world learns about decision heuristics science.

Four powerful ways to learn about decision heuristics science

Heuristic Science Institute

A multi-disciplinary team of experts advancing the field of decision heuristics science.

Over the past decade, Heuristic Science Institute has helped move behavioral science out of experimental labs to real-world applications in marketing.

Today, HSI has more intellectual property in behavioral science than most companies.

  • The world's largest database of 660+ decision heuristics, supported by academic research.
  • Discovered 30+ new decision heuristics, more than any single entity in the world, including Nobel Laureates in behavioral economics.
  • The only algorithm to predict the dominant decision heuristics for any product category.
  • The only algorithm to reverse engineer heuristics embedded in a message.
  • The only algorithm to predict the effectiveness of messages based on heuristic language.
  • The world's largest database of 100,000s of heuristics-based messages created by behavioral science experts.