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Why is Behavioral Messaging Crucial to Modern-Day Marketing?

Newristics 18 July 2022

Believe it or not, behavioral messaging is essential to the way parents treat their kids, teachers approach different students, and governments inform their citizens. Just think about it – a child that displays weakness from infancy is treated with extra care by parents. A student that has difficulties paying attention in class is treated differently by teachers. When governments feel the masses aren't ready for an important announcement, they postpone their proceedings. Sending messages based on how another person behaves comes innately to us. The industry that has applied this technique most efficiently is the marketing industry.

Behavioral Messages in Marketing

Behavioral marketing has transformed the way we market products and services. In the past, marketers looked at consumers' actions to decide what types of marketing messages they receive. But, customer actions aren't always rational or predictable. On the other hand, assessing their behavior provides marketers with in-depth details of how they may behave in the future, what type of content they like, etc.

Understanding Behavioral Marketing

Behavioral marketing is the policy of targeting customers based on their specific behaviors. Be it a question they've answered on a survey or a webpage they've viewed in the past – modern-day marketers, with the help of advanced tools, track these behaviors to send personalized marketing messages to customers.

Instead of blindly putting together a marketing message, the best marketers team up with the finest behavioral messaging experts to understand them at a deeper level. These behavioral analysts can gather a lot of insight about a customer by looking at their:

Browsing and search history.

Pages they've visited on eCommerce platforms.

Past purchasing history.

Ads they’ve engaged with in the past.

The pages they like or follow on social media websites.

The types of cookies they've installed on their browsers.

IP addresses.

Behavioral analysts combine this information with current industry trends to build highly definitive profiles of target customers. Then, these customers are individually targeted with tailor-made marketing messages.

The Use of Behavioral Messages in Modern-Day Marketing

Some examples of behavioral message-based marketing include -

Targeted email marketing campaigns based on target customers' behaviors.

Creation of dynamic landing pages that consist of relevant content.

Instant personalization of the contents on an eCommerce website to entice potential customers.

Use of marketing messages in search engines.

Creation of highly relevant and personalized ads.

Why Engage in Behavioral Targeting?

Creating marketing messages and campaigns using highly specific behavioral data of customers not only makes businesses more appealing to target customers, but customers also enjoy the benefits of getting personalized shopping journeys. These personalized journeys compel target customers to -

Spend more time on business websites.

Explore more products/services.

Open more links on business websites, hoping to see more personalized offers, content, messages, etc.

Receive re-targeted advertisements.

Receive highly personalized content.

Initiate long-term communications with the business.

Transform into a decisive customer from an indecisive one.


To conclude, marketing messages based on customer behaviors help marketers and businesses achieve their business goals. These messages also make shopping experiences more pleasant for customers.