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CHOOSE is a brand of services designed to test messages with customers using primary or secondary market research.


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From message inventory to an omni-channel message map

CMO uses quant research to test 100s of messages and identifies the best omni-channel message bundles/storyflow out of billions of possibilities.


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Deep dive into message psychology

CME uses quant research to go deep into rational and emotional motivators of 15-20 messages.


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Test your next vis aid with the power of science and algorithms

CVA is the first and only quant vis aid testing methodology that combines behavioral science and artificial intelligence.


Learn why the science behind message testing needs a serious upgrade and what is the future of message testing?

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Why is message testing critical to the success of messaging campaigns?

Message testing in market research helps marketers determine what their customers and potential customers are thinking. Businesses find it useful to undertake message testing to understand what messages will resonate with their audience and cause them to take notice. When messages that are winners from the campaign message testing process are used the chances of the success of the in-market campaign increase.

How are messages typically tested with customers?

Message testing analyzes what types of marketing messages create the most impact on target audiences. Historically, messages have been tested in primary market research with a representative sample of a few hundred customers. With the growth of digital advertising, the concept of campaign message testing has gained traction. Brands can now test messages while they are being executed through messaging campaigns using techniques like A/B testing.

Message testing software and data analysis tools that are powered by artificial intelligence help brands test large numbers of messages continuously through in-market messaging campaigns. Based on this analysis, businesses can determine what type of content, offers, and marketing messages to their target audience will create the most engagement.

How is market research testing vs. in-market testing of messages different?

Market research testing and in-market testing of messages are suitable for different use cases. Market research-based campaign message testing is ideally suited to evaluate the potential of messages for new products that are yet to be launched and to finalize messages for campaigns of high strategic importance to brands or champions that will be supported by significant advertising spending. When there is little room for failure in a messaging campaign, it is generally advisable to test messages with a Message Testing Software before the campaign is finalized using market research-based message testing.

How can behavioral science be used to test messages differently?

Behavioral science helps in understanding the probability of the reaction of the prospect to a specific message. Implementing it to test messages means ensuring the best messaging content for the ideal customers and increasing the chances of conversion better than conventional Message Testing Market Research. This is different from merely A/B testing Message Testing Methodology which involves the trial and error method. Leveraging behavioral science in message testing helps in delivering and improving the messaging campaigns.

How can AI be leveraged in message testing to get better results?

Deploying AI for message testing helps in the quicker, easier, and hassle-free understanding of the message performance. Also, it saves a lot of manual labor, hours spent, and marketing budget spent by the business while Message Testing Survey. A Message Testing Software includes prediction, exploration, and optimization aiming to improve the messaging performance with the Campaign Message testing process.

Can algorithms replace conventional message testing in the future?

Yes, Conventional Message has been a thing of the past. Now, as we are stepping into the future and advancement of technology, we ought to leverage the algorithms offered by the advanced tools. One of the revolutions to expect is to have a Message Testing Software for analyzing the message performance. AI is one of the tools that help in creating advanced messaging with their prediction and optimization.