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AiGILE is a brand of services designed to rapidly improve messaging.

Great messaging starts with great insights.

AiGILE Insights Service mines all your existing market research and identifies DBIs (Deep Behavioral Insights) with potential to transform your messaging.


Winning messaging talks to customers’ decision heuristics.

AiGILE Messaging Service significantly improves messaging by creating “heuristicized” alternatives of your messages.


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Why is creative only approach to message development insufficient?

Message Development with a “creative only” approach usually only results in good messaging - but that seldom elevates to great messaging. And while such a Message Development process is relatively easy to achieve and results in 80% effective messaging but to get to scientifically perfect messages creative only is not a good enough approach.

Why does message development require science and algorithms?

While Message Development using a “creative only” approach can take your brand to good messaging, in order to turbocharge your Message Development process, you need the boost of science and algorithms. Consider this - research backed data in message development for healthcare shows that you can boost the effectiveness of your messaging by 2-3X by enhancing it with the nobel prize-winning decision heuristic science. Added to that, advanced algorithms trained on tens of thousands of messages can be used to predict message appeal and prioritize the best messages for execution.

What is a great message?

There are several components that make a great message and that is what makes the message development research so vital to the success of a campaign. A great message is immediately appealing to its target audience: it is not only strongly worded to be persuasive but also strikes a chord with the intended audience and makes them take the desired action.

What are the pain points in taking messages from good to great?

There are many reasons why managers give up trying to perfect Message Development even though the difference between the existing and great messaging could cost millions of dollars in revenue. Some common pain points are:

  1. Message Development process is largely based on opinion and scientific techniques are rarely used to improve messages
  2. Endless workshops and message review sessions are tiring and often don't even lead to better messages
  3. When it comes to messaging, it's hard to get all stakeholders to agree
  4. There is no time to "perfect" messages when you are scrambling to meet timelines.
  5. The mind-numbing Message Development process causes managers to lose patience and give up.

How can behavioral science be used to create effective messages?

Using behavioral science in message design and development can make messages more persuasive. Behavioral science-based messaging speaks to the dominant heuristics of the target customer, with the aim of influencing choices and getting the highest degree of message acceptance. Message design and development using behavioral science strengthens brand loyalty, has the highest likelihood of being remembered and enhances the persuasion skills of your communication.

How can heuristics be used to improve messages?

There’s a science behind what makes your customers open an email, listen to your rep, respond to a CTA and eventually use your product. Whether it’s writing an attention- grabbing headline or getting someone to “click and convert,” leveraging heuristics or “decision-making shortcuts” by your message development service you can nudge your intended audience to take a desired action.

How is NLG (Natural Language Generation) being used for message development?

NLG message development software is already being used to augment human generated copy. One commonly used example of this is Google’s Smart Compose, which makes automated suggestions for words as you type. NLG systems are being used in the creation of more data-heavy content and companies are using such message development software to even generate their product descriptions. Research even suggests that NLG content can help convert traffic at higher rates than copy written by humans.