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Large study evaluates the effectiveness of 50+ AI copywriting platforms for a leading bank

Review the findings of the special report.

Large-scale study tests the effectiveness of messaging generated by AI platforms for the leading bank in America Today, financial services are under immense pressure to optimize messaging by delivering the right message to the right consumer on the right platform at the right time. Simultaneously, companies are leveraging AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) to help meet their complex messaging needs from brand language to content creation.

With this growing opportunity to enhance marketing and messaging with AI, how can financial service marketers most effectively implement AI copywriting tools for the best results?

50 message development AI platforms put to the test To understand the current landscape of AI copywriting and its impact on messaging in financial services, Newristics conducted an industry-wide large-scale study to:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of 50 different AI copywriting platforms

  • Compare AI-written messages with in-market messages for the #1 bank in America–JP Morgan Chase.

The roadmap: How AI copywriting platforms were tested
  • Evaluated 50 top AI copywriting platforms

  • Prioritized the best 4 platforms for further research: Wordtune,, Copysmith, AiGILE

  • Generated 100s of messages for a leading financial brand (Chase) using the 4 selected platforms

  • Tested AI messages vs. in-market messages in a large quant market research study

  • Compared the effectiveness of AI vs. in-market message bundles

The result: AI is ready to transform messaging in finserv
  • AI generated copy performed significantly better than the original copy used in-market by the #1 bank

  • The best results came from combining messages from multiple AI copywriting platforms using different large language models (40%-50% improvement)

  • Individually, most AI copywriting platforms outperformed the original copy as well, but not by as large a margin

  • Platforms that combined AI with additional intelligence from behavioral science performed better vs. AI alone

When it comes to messaging, using both man and machine to humanize AI-powered communication is essential.

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Review the findings of the special report.