Messaging needs to be optimized through research, or customers will likely ignore it.

Optimization means going from

Good to Great!

Message optimization means that EVERY element of messaging is great.

  • Optimize individual messages first
  • Bundle messages into an optimal messaging platform
  • Convert messaging platform into optimal messaging executions

Only Newristics

has a shortcut

to great messaging

for the healthcare industry.

Newristics pioneered heuristics-based message writing in the healthcare industry.

  • Decision heuristics mapped for every disease state

  • 100,000s of heuristics-based messages already written

  • Trusted by almost every pharmaceutical company

Now, Newristics is leading the way for heuristics-based message testing and optimization research.

  • Invented a new way to test messages in research
  • Powered by decision heuristics science
  • Built specifically for healthcare

Introducing a new choice algorithm that not only predicts what people will choose but also explains why!


Choice Optimization using Stepwise Escalation

"The best new thinking in choice-based research in 20 years!"

Choice models are widely used in market research.

  • A
    Conjoint, Discrete Choice, Max/Diff, etc., measure static choices
  • B
    Adaptive Conjoint, Evolutionary Algorithm, etc., measure dynamic choices

None of these explain why people make the choices they do.

Decision heuristics science tells us that people don't often explain their choices very well when asked directly.

CHOOSE™ is the first optimization algorithm based on the heuristic escalation technique.

  • Every message is written to feed or fight a specific heuristic
  • As respondents choose, escalating messages that increasingly drive against winning heuristics are tested

Respondents' choices identify the best messages, and the corresponding heuristics explain why they chose them!

CHOOSE™ is the only choice methodology for messaging optimization that works exactly the same in BOTH qualitative and quantitative research.

CHOOSE is a no-brainer for all your messaging research.

  1. Test a lot of messages

  2. Clearly separate good vs. great messages

  3. Test clinical and emotive messages together

  4. Optimize language of every single message

  5. Optimize the strategic messaging platform

  6. Identify short, medium and long message stories

  7. Segment as you test messages

  8. Understand the “why” behind message appeal

  9. Shortcut to great messaging - faster, cheaper, easier

  10. Accurately predict the impact of your messaging

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