Decision heuristics science

The science that explains the hidden drivers of human decisions and sheds light on the good, bad, and ugly of human decision-making.

Human decisions are driven by many different types of mental shortcuts.

It's taken an academic village to create decision heuristics science.

Computer Scientists
  • Psychologists
  • Sociologists
  • Anthropologists
  • Economists
  • Neuro Scientists
  • Computer Scientists

Now, Newristics is

blossoming the science

beyond academia.

Decision heuristic science is in the fabric of our lives.

It drives our decisions all day, every day!

For marketers,

decision heuristics science is the most powerful tool available today to understand and influence customer decisions.

Let's look at a few decision heuristics

and understand how they twist decision-making in some disease states.

Heuristic: Attribute Substitution

Humans sometimes substitute decisions they should be making with decisions they can make, simply because they are easier!

Impact on asthma treatment decisions

Inhaler misuse is a problem in asthma. Physicians should take 60 seconds to teach proper inhaler use to patients, but that's difficult! Instead, they can easily substitute training with fancy inhalers hoping that the new design enhancements will reduce misuse.

Heuristic: Open Option Bias

Humans tend to keep more options open and for longer than they really need and find it difficult to let go of some options even if it's the right thing to do.

Impact on HIV treatment decisions

During the early years of HIV treatment, physicians would hold back some of the strongest agents for later use in the treatment algorithm. Today, physicians start HIV patients on triple or quadruple combo treatments because over time they learned that by keeping options open, they lose too many patients.

Heuristic: Empathy Gap

Humans can't fully relate to other's emotions, and underestimate how they are affected by these emotions.

Impact on pain treatment decisions

Chronic pain patients rarely have empathy for other chronic pain patients because they all believe that their own pain has a more special purpose than other people's pain.

Heuristic: Rosy Retrospection

Humans rate events that happened in the past more positively that they do immediately after they occured.

Impact on Afib treatment decisions

In atrial fibrillation, physicians have still not swtiched many of their warfarin patients to a NOAC because they tend to underestimate the amount of work they had to put in the past to get patients stable on warfarin. Many of these patients are still not stable and physicians are still working on it!

Heuristic: Optimism Bias

Humans tend to believe they are at less risk of experiencing a negative event in the future than they have been in the past.

Impact on heartburn treatment decisions

Even though heartburn patients know what foods make their condition worse, they continue to indulge because of Optimism Bias. Since the severity of heartburn varies, it gives patients a false sense of optimism that maybe the next heartburn won't be as bad as the last.

Heuristic: Belief Bias

If humans can picture something in their mind and it sounds possible to them, they are likely to believe that it's true and don't look for evidence.

Impact on vaccination decisions

Most parents who believe that vaccines cause autism have likely not read more than a couple of newspaper articles on the subject. Since it sounds very possible that an injection full of chemicals can damage a little baby's brain, they don't feel the need to read the details, in favor for or against the argument.

Research around the world has identified hundreds of specific decision heuristics.

Only Newrisitcs has them all in one databse.

Out of 650+ known decision heuristics, which ones are driving customer decisions on your brand?

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Newristics is even discovering new heuristics about human decision-making.

In less than 5 years, Newristics has discovered more new heuristics than any recognized authority in the world.

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